The Mobile Online Gambling Take-Over will be a Game Changer

Its a mobile online revolution, which is growing by leaps and bounds, this has been fueled by factors such as a growing popularity of a rise of the social media casino gaming and the in-play sports betting and the revenue for this global mobile market is expected to grow by an incredible 43.08% in terms a total wagers annually from the period of 2014 through to 2019, this is according to a study that was conducted recently Research and Markets.

The Smart-phone uptake has been completely unstoppable over the past few years. In a study that was conducted by the United Nations has stated that there are more people who have access to smart-phones than flush toilets.

This means there is a huge untapped market for gambling companies. In the uK there is a strong betting following, and many of the punters use smart phone, it was found that about 60% penetration with sports betting. And a survey done by Deloitte Global Mobile,over 8% out of 10 UK residents between the ages of 18-to-36 years own a smart-phone and about half own a tablet.

The Land-Based Mobile Integration

In a developed market such as the UK, the mobile betting public still only records around a third of the bets placed, and that the majority of gamblers still had a preference for the high street bookmaking shops.

Thus one can see that there is a potential for growth in the smart-phone market, and explains why people betting using their mobile devices is a reason that operators are integrating the mobile platform into the betting shop experience. Mobile usage is also seen by the operators as being a valuable tool to attract and retaining their customers during 2015 and that they saw an increase in the cross-marketing between mobile and land-based betting.

With the rapid advancement of mobile technology, players are able to now play better games with lower connectivity issues., and with the gradual rolling out of the 4G connectivity all over the globe means that mobile gaming hs become and continues to become more convenient.

Many of the Casino games are now easily accessible to demographics that are not in a land-based casino, and that the online casinos, in particular, favoured more by women, reports from marketing surveys state that 60% women in the UK women, who participated in gambling activities, said that they prefer to use online gambling over traditional gambling.

An Enhanced User Experience

During 2015, there were more casino apps downloaded, which was driven by an increase in social casino gaming on mobile. Many of the social casinos have also exercised a positive influence on the traditional online casinos, because the gambling companies are devoting resources into developing games for both sectors, and some of the innovation of social rubbing off onto the more traditional genre.

Social game developers are constantly looking and finding new, absorbing ways of engaging their customers, with the emphasis on entertainment and innovation.

Online casinos, particularly the slots-based sites, are starting to experiment with technical innovation of the social casinos in new and exciting new ways, they are working towards enhancing overall user experience.

Ultimately, this mobile gaming revolution could be expressed more accurately as a "cross-platform revolution," and the operators, with their finger on the pulse, have acknowledged that the future will essentially be multi-platform.

Their major challenge is delivering a dynamic user experience using all the devices, be it, desktop, mobile, or tablet.