Robin Hood Outlaw Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Middle Ages, Adventure, Robin Hood

Robin Hood Outlaw is the newest game to hit the casino and it promises some very exciting new features.

Taking a quick tour of the game we find its a 5 coin 20 line Video Slot which we think will offer some very handsome wins, a chance to win 12 free spins that come with a 2 x wild multiplier. But that not all with the wilds, you will also find stacked wilds as well, other chances of wining is the gamble gamble game, most people enjoy trying their luck on this feature.

There are two unique scatters on this game, one is designed to work in our favour and the other to rob you of your riches, the surprise of these scatters in all in the spin of the reels. The laden cart symbol adds gold coins to your stack, when the stack of coins is complete it will then trigger the Raid the Castle Feature game that will offer you more chances to increase that gold stack, however, you will have to be on the look out for the other scatter... This one does not work in your favour, the Sheriff in on a mission to prevent you getting to the castle and will do his darnedest to snatch your gold coins so you don't fill the stack. A hint so you are aware of what to watch out for, when things are going well you will see the forest is lush and green, when you see that the forest begins to change from lush green to dark and gloomy, then you know the Sheriff is lurking...

There is a nice multi-level feature game where you get a chance to start at the tax collection tent and work your way up to the Throne Room, and while you climb each level you will cash in on some really seriously riches.

The addition of the gamble feature is at the behest of gamers who have expressed a wish that video slots also include this feature, this is a chance of multiplying your wins or lose adding to the thrills of the game.